About the Air Jet Body Stream

The Air Jet Body Stream is the technical innovation that all mascot performers and mascot costume manufacturers have always dreamed of. It is the best and most advanced product available on the market for preventing health problems often associated with wearing a costume.

Simply put, it is an air exchanger that draws fresh outside air into the costume through a small vent in the head area. The new air intake pushes out the contaminated air trapped inside the costume through any available opening.

The Air Jet Body Stream features the same high-performance, noiseless blower system used in airplanes, space shuttles and operation rooms to cool electronic equipment.

Blowers currently used in mascot costumes provide only 30% more oxygen and 10% additional thermal comfort. As for the Air Jet Body Stream, it delivers 400% more oxygen and 200% more thermal comfort. That’s more than enough to make the mascot performer’s job 100% safe!

A brilliant concept

Every detail has been studied to make the Air Jet Body Stream ergonomic and easy to use: size, weight, noise level, adaptability, performance, energy consumption. All these elements are factored into the design and manufacturing of the product.

The Air Jet Body Stream’s blower is very small and easy to install in the headpiece of a mascot costume.

Unlike other blowers or products like the ice vest, the lightweight Air Jet Body Stream only adds 1 lb. to the actual weight of the costume.

Noise level:
The noise level is so low, it’s virtually inaudible. Mascot performers barely hear the Air Jet Body Stream while it’s working, while the public would never guess the mascot standing inches away has an air exchanger in its headpiece.

The air vent installs seamlessly in a small 1-inch opening in the costume’s headpiece.


The system’s airflow is quite surprising. It’s one of the reasons why mascot performers become attached to the Air Jet Body Stream so quickly. The ventilation it generates draws in all the necessary oxygen the user requires to breathe normally, even in scorching heat.

Energy consumption:
The Air Jet Body Stream operates on 4 AA batteries. It is built to run for 9 consecutive hours. This means mascot performers can move freely and entertain the public as they please, without any health risks.

Try it, love it,
never go on the job without it!

When Richard Majeau created the Air Jet Body Stream, the objective was to find the perfect solution that would help mascot performers have more fun and energy doing their job. Everyone who’s tried it to see how it works, now can’t work without it.

“ The Air Jet Body Stream is revolutionary! It’s literally transformed the way I perform my job. Now, I have a lot more fun, I can move freely and do whatever I like. It’s like I don’t feel the costume anymore. I used to be totally out of energy at the end of a gig. Those days are gone, thanks to the Air Jet Body Stream!”
Jennifer Smith, mascot performer

“ Since we installed the Air Jet Body Stream in our costumes, our mascot performers are more motivated than ever before and feel a lot better when wearing their costume. Our customers noticed that our mascots were more dynamic, and of course, they were very happy about that.”
Georges Desmarais, business manager

“ Last year, my favorite mascot would nap a lot. Yesterday, he came back and stayed with me and my friends much longer! This was very nice of him and we were very happy.”
Alice Moran, kid and mascot fan

The Air Jet Body Stream delivers a much higher level of comfort to the person inside the mascot costume. Mascot performers display more vitality and are able to express their creativity with ease, without risk to their health.