The perfect solution

At AirVital, we produce and market a revolutionary ventilation system poised to become a standard component for mascot costume makers all over the world. We call it the Air Jet Body Stream. Others refer to it as the perfect solution against the health hazards mascot performers face while under their costumes.

A growing market

Mascots are symbols of joy. They make people happy. People overlook the marketing orientation of mascots, choosing instead to accept their presence as a special treat just for them.

Mascots are also very engaging, charismatic. Businesses understand that their appeal serves to increase their visibility dramatically. Children often remember their encounter with a mascot for months, even if the encounter lasted only minutes.
People are amazed by mascots, and this fascination has been driving the relentless growth of the mascot industry across North America for more than 20 years. Manufacturers produce over 4,000 costumes each year. Mascot costume making is a $20 million industry.

Research and development

Richard Majeau is a former mascot performer. He has experienced the joys and dangers of the profession firsthand, prompting him to find a way to equip mascot costumes with an air exchanger. His research and persistence led him to develop the Air Jet Body Stream.

Majeau’s Air Jet Body Stream aroused the interest and backing of Quebec’s leading mascot costume manufacturer right away. Creation Jean-Claude Tremblay (JCT) went on to monitor the progress of the groundbreaking air exchange system as early as the design phase.

The people at Creation JCT tested the Air Jet Body Stream as soon as it was ready. The results were spectacular, with the Air Jet Body Stream revealing itself to be overwhelmingly effective and the perfect solution for mascot performers everywhere.

Creation JCT required no further convincing. Utterly satisfied with the product’s quality, they offered AirVital financial support to market the Air Jet Body Stream worldwide.